A subscription based GTA:V Roleplay Framework for alt:V.


This project solely exists as a new standard for GTA 5 roleplay scripts on the alt:V client. The Athena Roleplay Script for GTA 5 has type safety through TypeScript and a solid foundation for what is considered core for a Roleplay server. You can find a list of features for the Athena Roleplay Script below in the Feature List section.
  • You need to know how to use command line.
  • You need to know Typescript / Javascript.
  • You need to be self-starting and self-learning.
  • You need to understand how to run commands in consoles.
  • You need to not ask the Developer(s) for support on how to run the clearly stated instructions in the Documentation.
You will have to do some general programming and know Javascript or Typescript to fully understand what this script has to offer. The script itself takes some of the harder pieces of writing a roleplay script for GTA 5 and makes them more accessible.
This is a framework and not a out-of-the-box full-featured script. This framework aims to provide the bare minimum necessary to help you get your server running at a much faster rate.

Is this for non-programmers?

No, this framework is meant to get people who have fiddled with programming languages off the ground and give them features that are already completed. This makes it much easier to start a Roleplay server, but adding the additional code necessary to make a full-featured server is a bit more difficult.

Where to Purchase?

Configuration files may be purchased from Gumroad.
No there is not a lifetime package for Athena.

Demo Server?

We have a small demo server available for you to test the framework with Administrative capabilities. You can check that out using the alt:V client at

Feature List

  • Fully Open Source
  • Typescript
  • Scalable Folder Structure
  • Basic Unit Test Support
  • Character Editor
  • Character Selection
  • Character Info Support
  • Character Appearance Synchronization
  • Whitelist
    • Discord Role / Bot Integration
    • Console Commands
  • Console Commands
    • Ban
    • Unban
    • Kick
    • KickAll
    • SetAdmin
    • Dox
    • Screenshot
    • Add to Whitelist
    • Remove from Whitelist
  • Player
    • Health Synchronization
    • Armour Synchronization
    • Play 3D Custom Sounds (Short)
    • Play 2D Custom Sounds (Short)
    • Food Stat
    • Water Stat
  • Name Tags
    • Display after 7.5s (Used for Hiding Names Partially)
    • Names Hidden in Vehicles
  • Discord Based Authentication / Login
  • Admin System
    • Utilizes the Permission System
    • Various Admin Commands
    • NoClip Command
  • Chat System
    • Send Messages to Closest Players
    • Create Custom Commands
    • Assign Permission Values to Commands
  • Voice System
    • Uses built-in Voice by alt:V
    • Spatial, and Distance Built-in
    • Can be toggled off for the classic SAMP experience
  • Permission System
    • A basic permission system for running commands.
    • Allows commands to be restricted to specific groups.
  • World
    • Synchronized World Time
    • Synchronized Weather Patterns
    • Different Weather Based on Region
    • Adjustable Configuration
    • Performance Grid for Object Interactions / Finding
  • Interaction System
    • Parse Objects by Section
    • Add Custom Interactions Easily
    • Colshape System to Represent Interaction Points
    • ATM Object Interaction
  • Blip System
    • Global Blip Controller
    • Repeat Blips are Streamed
    • Automatically Generate Blips for Useable Objects (Atms, Fuel, etc.)
  • Marker System
    • Global Marker Controller
    • Easily add and remove global markers
  • Text Label System
    • Global Text Label Controller
    • Easily add and remove text labels
  • Currency System
    • Deposit Currency
    • Withdraw Currency
    • Transfer Bank Currency
  • Vehicle System
    • Control Vehicle Door Locks
    • Handle Vehicle Ownership
    • Handle Vehicle Synchronization Pop-in
    • Seatbelt / Handle Window Fly-through
    • Control Vehicle Door States
    • Fuel
    • Persistent Vehicle Spawning
  • Inventory System
    • Drop Items
    • Pickup Items
    • Move Items
    • Multiple Slots for Items
    • Inventory Item Restriction Flags
    • Animations for Picking Up / Dropping
    • All Weapon Icons
    • Equipment Slots
    • Toolbar Slots
    • Custom Item Effects
    • CONSUMABLE Items
    • Custom Item Rules for Swapping, Equipping, Dropping, etc.
    • Item Swap
    • Item Stack
    • Item Equip / Unequip
    • Item Splitting
  • Clothing System
    • Clothing Selection
    • Tops
    • Hats
    • Bags
    • Bottoms
    • Shoes
    • Accessories
    • Bracelets
    • Watches
    • Masks
    • Name Individual Items
    • Describe Individual Items
    • Separate Item Equips
  • Garage System
    • 17 Garages Across the Map
    • Store Vehicles
    • Spawn Vehicles
  • Expandable HUD System
    • Easily create a dynamic HUD
    • Add New HUD Elements
    • Remove HUD Elements
  • Toolbar System
    • Equip an item in a Toolbar Equippable Item
    • Press 1-4 to swap items in toolbar
  • Custom Job Framework
    • Easy to Use Job Language / Creation
    • Play Animations
    • Play Particles
    • Play Sounds
    • Add Blips
    • Add Markers
    • Custom Waypoint Types... Go To, Capture, etc.
    • Custom Criteria: No Vehicle, No Weapon, etc.
    • Call Events on Objective Completions
    • Job Menu
  • Action Menus
    • Infinitely scaling menus
    • A menu system that calls other events easily.
    • Easily construct custom menus in minutes to define functionality.
  • Wheel Menu
    • Dynamic Wheel Menus
  • Dealership
    • Basic Dealership with Customizable Locations
    • Purchase Vehicles
    • Spawn Vehicles from Garage After Purchase
  • Extendable Core Resource
    • Extend the core resource by writing your own code in the 'plugins' folder.
  • Streamer Service
    • Static Global Streaming Service
    • Marker Streaming
    • Object Streaming
    • Text Label Streaming
  • Interior System
    • Create Interiors Easily
    • Specify Different Interior Types (House, Faction, System)
    • Object Streaming for Interiors
  • Faction System
    • Create Factions
    • Create Custom Ranks for Factions
    • Add Members to Factions
    • Remove Members from Factions
    • Manage Permissions Per Rank for Factions
    • Faction Weapon Storage
    • Faction Bank
    • Faction Item Storage
    • Faction Name Changing / Updating

Running this Project

Please see the before setup page for setup instructions.
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