Frequently asked questions.

Do I actually need to buy a license?

If you respect the development that I'm doing and the open source nature of the project then yes. This costs me a lot of my personal time to create an environment that new developers and experienced developers will both understand with a little bit of time. I've written a lot of open source alt:V resources and this builds on experience you may not get otherwise.

Why should I buy this framework?

You will be able to startup a Roleplay server almost out of the gate by the time the core features of this project are completed. It's written in a way that makes it extendable and can tap into the various utilities that are built into this script. You get my experience, and intellectual knowledge crafted into a neat package for your consumption. You get the right to modify, and use this framework by simply supporting the core development work needed to create a stable experience.

Do you provide custom support / scripts?

I provide basic support for getting it running. However, I will not be providing support for writing most scripts. Users may tap into the shared knowledge in the Athena Discord to get some guidance on how to create or construct new scripts.

Will all features be free?

The core features, items, etc. will always come with Athena. However, the data to construct complex jobs in the eventual Job Framework will likely become addons that you can get for your server. Feel free to write your own jobs though. 👍

May I share my license?

Licenses are currently limited to 5 IP(s) at any given time. If the number of IP(s) is exceeded you will have to wait until Ares is rebooted to get a reset on usage.

Theoretical Player Limitations?

The Athena framework has not been tested with high player counts yet. However, compared to the old code of O:RP and the steps I've taken to ensure that client's get the best performance they can. I do believe Athena is capable of handling at least 500 players at a time. However, this will only apply to the vanilla version of Athena which means not using any additional mods.

Cannot Interact with Anything

Make sure you press 'left alt' before you do anything. This turn son a bunch of loops to help with interacting and figuring out what the player needs to do. This is purposely left off to ensure client's get the highest performacne while playing with the Athena Framework.

How long until 'x' feature?

I can't predict the future. However, I work on this project when I'm not being bogged down by my work and general life.

How do I preview the Athena project?

You can view some general screenshots, gifs, etc. in the Athena Discord.

How do I check what version I am using?

Check your package.json and check under version.

Failed to contact server to post login details?

Usually means port 7790 is closed. Make sure to open it on your router and in your windows > firewall. Use https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ to verify your port(s) are open while the serving is running.

Failed to find access_token

Ares may have run into an issue when trying to assign a Token to a user who was attempting to login. This is a pretty rare occurrence. Have the user try logging in again.

Interfaces are sometimes laggy or delayed.

Turn down your MSAA in your graphics settings. It apparently happens depending on your graphics card. Turning MSAA down to x2 instead of x4 or x8 instantly fixes this issue. It's a strange bug that alt:V has but nobody has a lead on.

What server hosts do your recommend for deployment?

OVH (Game Servers Only), Linode, Avoro, AWS. I do not recommend a server host that cannot provide you a linux shell you can connect to and customize for your server's deployment and get the right database software installed. Look for a dedicated server or a vps that isn't just over FTP. You should be uploading your gamemode to a private repository and pulling it down on your server.

Black Screen after Authorization?

This means that you either don't have ports setup or the user who is trying to connect does not have UPNP/NAT Enabled which allows for traffic from alt:V to communicate with them. Please ensure that they setup their own router to allow this.