Feature Status

List of the currently in-progress features.

Contains a list of all the features that are currently implemented or are currently being worked on.

Marking System

F - Feature works completely. No missing features.

S - Feature works. May be missing a few features.

MS - Feature works. Sometimes debug reconnect may bug it.

US - New feature and currently being worked on.

N/A - Feature planned but not started.

Feature List

Use the marking system above to determine what is complete and what is not.

F - Authentication
S - Character Editor
F - Character Selection
F - Character Position Saving / Restore
S - Character Health Saving / Restore
S - Character Armour Saving / Restore
S - Nametags
MS - Chat
F - Chat Command Infrastructure
F - Chat Colors
F - Chat Permissions
S - Roleplay Commands
S - Chat Command Hints
S - Time Sync
S - Weather Sync
S - Port Freecam for Chat Permissions
S - Character Respawn
S - Voice Chat
US - Locale System
S - Leader Board / Player List
S - Interaction by Object
S - Bank
US - Vehicle System
N/A - Vehicle Ownership
N/A - Job Framework
N/A - Clothing System