Built-in commands for general usage.


Commands that are built-in to the current Framework.


/timestamp - Will toggle chat timestamps on and off.
/help - List commands available to your permission level.
/b [message] - Speak out of character.
/me [message] - Describe an action you are performing.
/do [message] - Describe an object or item around you.
/low [message] - Say something in a low voice.
/w [player_id] [message] - Whisper something to a player near you.


/addcash [amount] [id]* - Add cash to self or another player.
/ac [message] - Speak to other admins.
/mc [message] - Speak to moderators and admins.
/broadcast [message] - Say something server-wide. No distance restriction.
/noclip - Sets self in no collision mode.
/revive [id]* - Revive another player or self.
/sethealth [amount] [id]* - Set health for another player or self.
/setarmour [amount] [id]* - Set armour for another player or self.
/updateweather - Updates your weather sync in the region immediately.