Adding Inventory Icons

Learn how to add icons for your items.

Adding Inventory Icons

Adding icons for the inventory must be done in a .png format as it's the most accessible. It's recommended that you use at least 64x64 or a 128x128 image. Anything larger will pretty much be pointless since the inventory doesn't scale much larger.

Icons need to be placed inside of:


It is highly recommended that you compress your .png file after it has been resized.

Check out PNG Gauntlet for resizing several images.

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Broken Images?

If you are running in production mode add the resource webserver before core in your server.cfg.

If you are running in development mode you may not have added WEBSERVER_IP to your .env file.

You can append the following to make it work locally for development mode:


When you run the server in development mode you can verify images are available through this URL.