A subscription based GTA:V Roleplay Framework for alt:V.


This project solely exists as a new standard for GTA:V roleplay servers on the alt:V client. This features type safety through TypeScript and a solid foundation for what I consider the core of roleplay.

Configuration files may be purchased from Gumroad.

Feature List

  • Fully Open Source

  • Typescript

  • Scaleable Folder Structure

  • Character Editor

  • Character Selection

  • Character Info Support

  • Character Appearance Synchronization

  • Name Tags

    • Display after 7.5s (Used for Hiding Names Partially)

    • Names Hidden in Vehicles

  • Easy Discord Login / Authentication (alt:V Ares)

  • Admin System

    • Utilizes the Permission System

    • Various Admin Commands

    • NoClip Command

  • Chat System

    • Send Messages to Closest Players

    • Create Custom Commands

    • Assign Permission Values to Commands

  • Voice System

    • Uses built-in Voice by alt:V

    • Spatial, and Distance Built-in

    • Can be toggled off for the classic SAMP experience

  • Permission System

    • A basic permission system for running commands.

    • Allows commands to be restricted to specific groups.

  • World

    • Synchronized World Time

    • Synchronized Weather Patterns

    • Different Weather Based on Region

    • Adjustable Configuration

    • Performance Grid for Object Interactions / Finding

  • Interaction System

    • Parse Objects by Grid

    • ATM Object Interaction

  • Blip System

    • Create Blips

    • Stream Blips by Distance

    • Append and Delete Blips by Category

  • Currency System

    • Deposit and Withdraw Cash from your bank

    • Transfer Bank Money to Other Players

  • Vehicle System

    • Control Vehicle Door States

    • Control Vehicle Door Locks

    • Handle Vehicle Ownership

    • Handle Vehicle Keys

New Features Always in Discord


Running this Project

Please see the before setup page for setup instructions.